"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." - Michael Jordan

Jolien Marcelis
Team manager
''I am amazed by the possibilities synthetic biology offers to solve real-world problems. I believe synthetic biology is the future of healthcare.''
Elisa Passet
Public relations captain and secretary
''I want to apply the knowledge that I gained in my studies and feel like iGEM is the perfect opportunity because of the medical impact that we can make with our project.''
Jakob Scheele
External affairs and Human Practices captain
''I strive towards translating synthetic biology in real-live applications to combat challenges regarding medicine and innovation of healthcare.''
Femi Hesen
Modeling captain
''With this project, I want to apply the knowledge I learned in my studies and in this way learn and improve my skills such as modeling, collaboration, and soft skills.''
Wouter Langers
Lab captain
''I believe that joining iGEM allows me to put my knowledge, which I have gained in my bachelors, into practice.''
Floor van Boxtel
Finance manager, sponsor coordinator
''I think it is inspiring that this competition drives teams to come up with new creative solutions for medical problems using synthetic biology.''
Rian Driedijk
Education human practices
''I was looking for some new experiences besides my study and I wanted to learn some new skills.''
Kim Wintraecken
Lead designer
''I have always been driven by designing meaningful designs that positvely impact society.''
Famke Klop
Wiki and website captain
''After about one and a half years of my bachelors degree I realized I didn't want to hold back on all the incredible opportunities the university offers and develop myself outside of my degree.''