"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success" - Edward Everett Hale

Since starting in early February our team has accomplished a great deal. However, most of it, we could have not done alone. Therefore, we would like to dedicate this page to all who have helped us along our iGEM 2022 journey! Especially, we would like to highlight our infinite gratitude to our instructors, for always being there for us.

First of all, we would like to elaborate on the work performed by all team members.

Jolien Marcelis - Team manager

As team manager, Jolien was involved in every part of the project. Jolien kept an overview of the general trajectory of the project, managed it, and made sure all parts of the project stayed connected.

Elisa Passet - Public relations & Secretary

Elisa was the first point of contact of the team for external parties. Besides, she focused on public outreach, collaborations, and partnerships.

Jakob Scheele - External affairs & Human Practices

Jakob led the Human Practices work during the project. He engaged with numerous relevant stakeholders and made sure their feedback was integrated into our project.

Femi Hesen - Modeling captain

Femi focused on developing the model and analyzing the results. Furthermore, Femi was closely involved in the lab.

Wouter Langers - Lab captain

Wouter took the lead in the lab, including setting up experiments, executing experiments, and analyzing results.

Floor van Boxtel - Finance manager & Sponsor coordinator

Floor focused on the acquisition of new sponsors and managing the finances. Besides, Floor largely contributed to the lab work.

Rian Driedijk - Education

Rian was responsible for the educational activities, including giving lessons and workshops, as well as organizing the Challenge Day. Besides, Rian focused on Part Improvement.

Kim Wintraecken - Lead designer

Kim created a new identity for iGEM TU Eindhoven. She made strong designs for our project to convey our message. In addition, she helped with stakeholder involvement and interviews.

Famke Klop - Wiki and website captain

Famke was responsible for the iGEM TU Eindhoven website. In addition, Famke took the lead in creating the wiki.

We would like to thank our primary PI Prof. Dr. Maarten Merkx and our secondary PIs Prof. Dr. Ir. Luc Brunsveld and Prof. Dr. Ir. Tom de Greef. They have not only helped us get started and planted the inklings of possible project ideas but also provided continued support throughout the year.

We want to show our infinite gratitude to our instructors this year: Dr. Alexander Gräwe, MSc. Anna-Maria Makri Pistikou and Ir. Bryan Nathalia. Their continued help, advice, encouragement, and enthusiasm truly helped us through most of our project and they are one of the reasons we can be proud of what we achieved during our iGEM journey. They were always willing to help or assist us with all our questions, especially regarding the lab, and to explain new concepts when necessary. Furthermore, they were always open to brainstorming on the obstacles we were facing. Special thanks to Anna-Maria Makri Pistikou and Bryan Nathalia for their assistance in using the FACS machine. And most importantly, thank you, Alexander Gräwe, for your willingness to share your iGEM experience and knowledge with us, explaining iGEM concepts, handy tips and tricks, and of course advice for the wiki. Without it, we would not have come as far by miles.

We would also like to express our gratitude to our advisors: Luke Rossen, Daniek Hoorn, Fleur Kalberg and Josephina Smits. They have helped us get started and have shared their iGEM knowledge with us throughout the year. Furthermore, they have assisted us in representing iGEM in several public events, were tutors at our Challenge Day for high school students, and helped us write our best wiki pieces by checking some of them.

In addition to our advisors, the iGEM Eindhoven foundation, managed by former iGEM TU Eindhoven members, supported us throughout the entire project. They especially facilitated our financial work, by managing our banking account and setting up invoices. We would like to thank Stijn Hofstraat, Tim van der Hek, Jeroen Deckers, Daniek Hoorn, and Luke Rossen.

The Eindhoven University of Technology, and especially innocationSpace, supports all student teams at the Eindhoven University of Technology, including iGEM TU Eindhoven. innovationSpace supports student teams by providing, among others, offices, workshops, and pitch and networking moments. We would especially thank our contact persons Bart Koppelmans and Madis Talmar. Moreover, we would like to thank Sacha Claessens for the help concerning public outreach and organizing events.

Our instructors (Alexander Gräwe, Bryan Nathalia, and Anna-Maria Makri Pistikou) helped us enormously in the laboratory. Moreover, we would like to express our infinite gratitude to Peggy de Graaf. Peggy de Graaf provided us with the right information about GMO regulations and gave us access to the ML-I lab of the university. Furthermore, Peggy de Graaf helped us enormously in organizing the Challenge Day. In addition, Liesbeth Varion-Verhagen supported us with information about GMO regulations and gave us permission to work with GMOs. Rob Driessen granted us access to the ML-II lab. Moreover, our appreciation to the Synthetic Biology research group at the Eindhoven University of Technology, in particular Anna-Maria Makri Pistikou, as they offered us plasmids and amino-acid linkers to use in our project. Furthermore, we received T75 flasks with HEK293T cells multiple times from Diana Muñoz Lasso, from the Chemical Biology research group, after bacterial infections. Moreover, Bart Tiemeijer gave us an IL-10 ELISA assay and helped us with that assay. Also a great acknowledgment to RiboPro for offering their high-performance mRNA, their knowledge, and their support during the mRNA experiments, as well as to Stijn Hofstraat who helped us set up a protocol for mRNA transfection and for the use of his Lipofectamine MessengerMax. Finally, we want to thank all the colleagues in the laboratory who were able to answer our questions and help us inside the lab.

At the start of our iGEM journey, we received acquisition training from Peter Goenee which helped us tremendously in reaching out to external parties for a sponsor partnership. The obtained skills during the workshop eventually resulted in the acquisition of multiple sponsors. We would like to thank all our sponsors for their financial support and their help during our project. Their support made it possible for us to realize our project and to participate in the iGEM competition. All sponsors can also be found on the Sponsor page.

Eindhoven University of Technology; RiboPro; Crown Bioscience; Pharming Group; Thermo Fisher Scientific; Pivot Park; PharmSupport; Institute for Complex Molecular Systems; Cell4Pharma; Promega; Novartis; Center for Living Technologies; Integrated DNA Technologies; SnapGene; Biorender; Bioké.

First of all, we want to thank Fleur Kalberg, Luke Rossen, and Alexander Gräwe for the feedback on our work approach for Human Practices, and for giving feedback on our wiki pages. During the entire project, we involved nearly 30 stakeholders that gave input on our project (see Human Practices). Thanks to all stakeholders for their involvement, support, and feedback.

Bart van Grevenhof; Henrike Hartemink; Hidde Douna; Rick Henderik; Albert van Hell; Mark van Hattum; Hanka Schlorova; Sacha Massop; Marc Storms; Lingbo Yu; Martijn Meens; Guido Lensen; Jonathan Fajardo Cortes; Lieven Huang; Paul Vernooij; Henny Otten; Barbara te Riet-Schulte; Femke van Wijk; Jorg van Loosdregt; Reno Debets; Wim Dik; Hanna Ijspeert; Marjan Versnel; Marco Schreurs; Marjolein van der Poel; Jan Damoiseaux; Matthias Busch; Joyce Curvers; Cécile van der Vlugt-Bergmans; Wessel Teunisse; Peter Verhoeven; Rina Hoff; Maureen van Engelen; Predrag Tasic; Luuk Olijve; Rogier Receveur; Koosje van Lessen-Kloeke; Jeroen van Smeden; Peter Bertens; Wilfred Germeraad; Jolanda Habraken; Anne Aarts; Mauritz Kelchtermans; AAV Patients; Liesbeth Varion – Verhagen; Koos van der Bruggen; Noraly Stam; Bert Leufkens; Anna Wetzels; Kevin Stairs.

Several people helped us to set up our business plan. First of all, our gratitude to Mark van Hattum, Henrike Hartemink, and Hidde Douna from Novartis, Predrag Tasic and Luuk Olijve from Organon, Marc Storms and Lingbo Yu from Thermo Fisher and Gert Guri for helping to set up the first version of our business plan by giving tips, feedback, and new insights. We would also like to thank Bart van Grevenhof and Anna Wetzels for their help regarding intellectual property. Furthermore, we would like to show our appreciation for Annelies Bobelyn for giving feedback on our business plan. Finally, a special thanks to Ambagon Therapeutics, in particular, Tim van der Hek and Galen Miley, for their help by creating a financial plan and giving feedback on our wiki pages.

We would like to recognize the work of Stijn van Wijngaarden, Tibo Verburg, and Anton van Galen who set up the first version of the model together with our Team manager Jolien Marcelis; under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ir. Tom de Greef, Glenn Cremers, Alex Joesaar, and Anna-Maria Makri Pistikou. In addition, we would like to thank Prof. Dr. Ir. Tom de Greef, as he guided us during the further development of the model.

We would like to thank Sowmya Shreedhar and the iGEM Wageningen team for the nice collaboration in organizing the Dutch iGEM meetup. Besides, we would like to show our appreciation to the iGEM BOKO Vienna team for the great partnership during our projects. Furthermore, we appreciated the partnership with RiboPro, in particular Sander van Asbeck, with whom we organized a Crash Course to teach students and PhD students all about mRNA and its potentials for synthetic biology.

We would like to thank the primary schools de Klim-op in Haaren and Kindcentrum de Vlonder in Uden for the possibility to give our educational lesson at their schools. Furthermore, we would like to thank several persons for their help at the Challenge Day. First of all, our gratitude to Marjoleine van Kollenburg - Wouters for her help in contacting high schools and in validating our idea. Besides, our appreciations to Peggy the Graaf for helping during the preparations for the Challenge Day and the help during the E. Coli art experiment at the Challenge Day. Moreover, we want to thank Conferences for the facilities during the Challenge Day. Furthermore, our appreciation to Prof. dr. Maarten Merkx, Alexander Gräwe, Jeroen Deckers, Tim van der Hek for being a jury member at this event; and Luke Rossen, Josephina Smits, Daniek Hoorn, Fleur Kalberg, Daniëlle Duffhues, Tessa Harzing, Marlinne van Roessel, and Carli Marcelis for their help as a tutor at this event. Finally, we would like to thank Atacan Tutulmazay and Alesander Tamar Aydin from Decate Mousa for taking pictures and creating an after movie respectively.

We would like to thank Conferences for their help and the facilities at the Eindhoven University of Technology that we could use during the Mini Jamboree Benelux. Furthermore, we want to thank our jury members: Wessel Teunisse, Maarten Lubbers, Michael Burgis, and Mauritz Kelchtermans and the speakers: Martha Marcheluk, Alexander Gräwe, and Philippe Gabant. Besides, we want to thank Selim Haase and Luke Linssen for taking pictures and creating an after movie.

Our gratitude to Elly van Vlerken for the help and the access to an office. Also, we would like to thank Maxime van den Oetelaar and Guido Oerlemans for reviewing our wiki pieces. Besides, we would like to thank Tijn Koppert for his help in coding some pages of the wiki and Jesse Traas for helping us to set up a new website. Furthermore, we appreciated the support from our iGEM mentor Anusha and for her willingness to answer our questions. Moreover, we thank Leonie Voets and Yosta de Stigter for taking both individual and team pictures. Finally, we would like to recognize the help of the designer of our project promotion video.