The Eindhoven University of Technology is a young university founded in 1956 by industry, academia, and local government. As of today, this collaboration is still the foundation of the university community. The Eindhoven University of Technology offers academic education driven by fundamental and applied research. Their educational philosophy is based on personal attention and room for individual ambitions and talent. The Eindhoven University of Technology is at the forefront of rapidly emerging areas of research by pushing the limits of science and designing solutions for the highly complex problems of today and tomorrow.

RiboPro was founded in 2020 as an independent company to provide custom mRNA synthesis. RiboPro believes that mRNA is the tool to accelerate research, revolutionize vaccine development and create breakthrough therapies. Therefore, RiboPro aims to enable the next medical revolution by providing researchers with high-performance RNA products. They strive to become the premier partner in RNA and RNA-medicines to enable every life-science researcher to change the world.

Crown Bioscience is a contract research organization, driven by the need to advance the boundaries of scientific knowledge. Crown Bioscience believes that the infinite power of partnership drives scientific discovery in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Crown Bioscience contributes to science by developing models and services for drug discovery and development in the field of oncology, immuno-oncology, immune-mediated inflammatory diseases and cystopathic diseases.

Pharming Group is a global biopharmaceutical company dedicated to transforming patients' lives with rare, debilitating, and life-threatening diseases. Pharming Group is commercializing and developing an innovative portfolio of protein replacement therapies and precision medicines that include small molecules, biologics, and gene therapies. The goal of Pharming Group is to become a leading biopharmaceutical company focusing on offering treatments for patients suffering from rare diseases with unmet medical needs.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a world leader in serving science. Its mission is to enable its customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. Thermo Fisher Scientific supports customers in a variety of fields, ranging from increasing productivity in laboratories to improving patient health through diagnostics and the development and manufacture of life-changing therapies.

Pivot Park is a biopharmaceutical campus that is a proven driver of innovation and entrepreneurship. Its community consists of more than 650 people employed at more than 60 companies. The vision of Pivot Park is to create an optimal location for innovative companies in the pharmaceutical sector. Pivot Park helps entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth in the field of drug discovery and development, by creating and maintaining a stimulating environment of mutual learning and shared knowledge exchange.

PharmSupport is a curious and driven company that arose from the ambition to provide a contemporary perspective on Quality within organizations. PharmSupport is always looking for groundbreaking IT technology that reshapes Quality. They develop a range of services that meet the dynamic needs of organizations with an eye on tomorrow. With these services, PharmSupport aims to ensure that Quality functions optimally within organizations.

At TU/e, the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems performs research in complex molecular systems at the most fundamental level. This research allows for shaping the future of materials, energy, mobility, and life itself. Research of the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems highlights the research of TU/e scientists in seven focus areas: Polymer Science and Technology, Chemical Biology, Materials, and Regenerative Medicine, Grip on Complexity, Advanced Analysis of Complex Molecular Systems, Molecular devices, and Functional Supramolecular Systems.

Cell4Pharma envisions a world without the risk of renal toxicity for compounds entering clinical stages of drug development. Cell4Pharma aims to reduce the failure rate in late clinical stages due to a risk of renal toxicity below 3% market-wide within the next ten years. To achieve this, Cell4Pharma makes use of its own human renal cell line ciPTEC which is validated during extensive collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry.

Promega is a global biotechnology leader, being a core supplier to scientists. Promega supplies products to support scientists in the field of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries, Clinical and Molecular Diagnostics Laboratories, Forensics and Paternity laboratories, Government and Academic Research Laboratories, and Applied Testing. Promega celebrates scientific discovery and the creative application of science to solve problems. From growing sustainably to giving back to its communities, Promega strives to be responsible to its employees, its community, and the planet.

Novartis is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing innovative and generic medicines. Novartis aims to discover innovative medicines to both improve quality of life as well as extend life. Science-based innovation is their foundation to tackle some of the most challenging issues in healthcare and society. Novartis discovers and develops groundbreaking therapies to increase the access to their medicines for as many people as possible.

21st-century challenges in human, animal and environmental health require 21st-century solutions. The program of the Center for Living Technologies aims to develop bio-based technologies by introducing new functionalities into living cells to explore how these technologies can be used to improve the health of people, animals, and the environment. This program integrates the existing strengths of four institutions to push 21st-century biotechnology innovations.

Integrated DNA Technologies provides innovative tools and solutions for genomics applications. By developing and manufacturing nucleic acid products, Integrated DNA Technologies support the life sciences industry. While being a Platinum Sponsor of the iGEM competition, Integrated DNA Technologies helps iGEM teams to achieve, innovate and succeed by offering free IDT gene fragments up to 20 kb base pairs.

SnapGene developed a software tool that provides an easy and secure way to plan, visualize and document everyday molecular biology procedures. Scientists at leading institutions and companies worldwide depend on the services of SnapGene every day. SnapGene supports iGEM teams with free licenses for their software to design their experiments and primers.

BIOKÉ is an experienced and knowledgeable company that provides innovative technologies for the life science market throughout Europe. BIOKÉ delivers reagents, consumables and equipment for Cell Biology, Genomics and Protein Analysis. The mission of BIOKÉ is to accelerate biological understanding and enable personalized medicine by delivering the world’s highest quality research and diagnostic products.

BioRender is the world’s first tool to support scientists in creating and sharing professional scientific figures. Intuitive visuals can be created that represent science and can be understood by everyone. BioRender’s mission is to accelerate the world’s ability to learn, discover and communicate science. The tool is particularly user friendly, as no drawing or design skills are required.