Software Overview

A synopsis on our synbio software


To help improve the quality of software tools available for synthetic biology research, our team developed two improved software, building off of existing tools in order to enhance their capabilities and better research outcomes.

First, SAMARA, the Software And Modelling Aggregating Research Assistant, a research tool designed to parse through iGEM wiki pages, extract relevant content, summarize the information, and display it. This allows users to access project-relevant information from past teams’ wikis without the difficulties of manually parsing.
Learn more about SAMARA here!

Secondly, the INN, an neural network designed to test involution in biological contexts. Specifically, we aimed to test the performance of against an existing model for the prediction of antimicrobial peptides. In doing so, we hope to help prototype the next generation of deep-learning-based models in synthetic biology.
Learn more about the INN here!