Special Mentions

Dr. Mayi guided a team of new iGEMers through two MDSC 507 courses and four months in the lab. Her experience leading the Calgary iGEM team, comprehensive knowledge about experimental and analytical techniques, as well as her unwavering patience, support, and guidance were valuable beyond measure. We are so grateful to have her as our PI.

As a wet lab Teaching Assistant (TA), Tian offered consistent and invaluable support and guidance. His mastery of molecular biology techniques and years of lab experience guided our experimental design, troubleshooting, analyses, and evaluation.

Andrew advised both wetlab and drylab throughout the year. In addition to his mentorship through MDSC 507 and revising prowess, Andrew was always on call to provide valuable guidance about subprojects, experimental design and analysis, novel drylab techniques, and presentations.

As an iGEM Research Assistant (RA), Sebastian laid the foundation for a successful season for our team of iGEM freshmen. He guided our project design, empowered us to work effectively as a team, and supported members in their individual pursuits.

As an iGEM Research Assistant (RA), Harold steered the wetlab through the hecticness of the later summer months and fall semester. We are so grateful for his constant cheery demeanour, willingness to lend a hand, and dedication to supporting the team.

As a wet lab TA, Aarti supervised and advised wet lab experiments, guided wet lab technique, and assisted Dr. Mayi in the delivery of MDSC 507.

Anika's friendliness, encouragement, and check-ins were crucial to our team finding our footing at the beginning of the season. She worked closely with us in May to ensure we got off to a strong start and continued to offer support wherever asked throughout the season.

Arshia was an Team Calgary iGEM member for two years, working on Oviita and Neocycle. This year, Arshia has come back to help train the 2022 iGEM team in basic synbio lab techniques ranging from preparing overnights to how to create primers on benchling.

Ramin, an iGEM Calgary Alum, was always there to answer questions about software tools, modelling, and wiki. A true programmer extraordinaire!

Team Member Attributions: by Project

Team Member Attributions: Longform


Ahmed is a member of the drylab team and led the iterated development of our bacterial cellulose packaging through the BioSculpting subgroup. He also was responsible for creating SAMARA, coded parts of the wiki, and worked to develop 3D printed objects for many subgroups.


Catherine is a member of the drylab team and she led the mechanical characterization of bacterial cellulose through uniaxial tensile testing. She was also part of subgroups of human practices, education and collaboration, and Wiki design.


Danielle is a member of the wetlab team and focused primarily on recombinant protein expression and antimicrobial characterization for nisin, as well as co-developing a new measurement tool, “KB-Perry”. She was also a part of the newsletter and JulyGEM initiatives, organised the partnership with U of Alberta iGEM, presented at the Mindfuel competitions and the Faculty talk, and designed Wiki pages.


Ebun is a member of the drylab team, her main work consisted of several modelling projects ranging from mathematical models to molecular dynamics that aimed to understand the project. She was also involved with the education and collaboration, entrepreneurship and wiki teams.


Inara is a member of the drylab team, and her work focused on testing a novel neural network for predicting antimicrobial peptides. She was a presenter for classroom outreach/education initiatives, and adapted the presentation into a toolkit for educators to use in their classrooms. She coded parts of the wiki and assisted in team admin.


Marian is a member of the wetlab team, and her work throughout the research term focused mainly on the development of the fruit waste media subproject, as well as the PHB subproject. Beyond the lab, Marian designed the team logo, worked on wiki design, and led the HP subgroup to ensure Cellucoat reflected key stakeholder’s needs and perspectives.


Naureen is a member of the wetlab team, and her work consisted of the Golden gate Assembly project as well as molecular dynamics. Beyond the lab, Naureen was involved in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and making the presentations.


Tithi is a member of the wetlab team, and her work mainly consisted of working on cloning and expressing our antimicrobial protein subproject as well as understanding and developing the co-culture system subproject. She also assisted her team members in BioSculpting as well as uniaxial testing subprojects. She also played a critical role in managing the admin and funding of the team Cellucoat as well as making the presentations for the team.


Zainab is a member of the wetlab team and has been primarily focused on making the foundational material that comprises Cellucoat, so she has her toes dipped in both the co-culture, PHB, and post-processing subprojects. Zainab has also been working on the entrepreneurship and sustainability teams to figure out how Cellucoat will go from the lab benches to store shelves.


Ziyad is a member of the wetlab team, he worked mainly on the fruit waste media subproject, working on development as well as testing with it and the BC grown. He also helped with and worked on the characterization of nisin, particularly the MIC tests. Besides working in the lab itself he took a lead on education with our series of school talks.

Technical Support

Subgroup Support


Last but definitely not least, our sponsors, without whom our iGEM season would not have been possible. Thank you.

Mindfuel Tech Futures: Seed Funding, Prototype

Rising Youth Grant

Founder's Fundamentals: Microgrant, Most Developed Prize

Impact Grant

Hunter Hub @ UCalgary

UCalgary Faculties of Medicine, Engineering, and Science

Cumming School of Medicine Seed Funding


Robert B. Church Legacy of Leadership Fund

Integrated DNA Technolgies

Schulich Student Activity Fund

PURE Studentships, O'Brien Studentships, URS Studentships

Graduate Student Funding

UCalgary VP Academic

UCalgary VP Research

UCalgary Provost