Proof of Concept

Self Assembly

Figure 1.Dityrosine forming process Macroscopic

Crosslinking can be induced by hydroxyl radicals, forming dityrosine covalent bonds with two tyrosines (Figure 1).

Figure 2.Testing with different concentration of H2O2 and EDTA-Fe

We used FT/IR-4700 to analyze additional and reduced bondings before and after processing with EDTA-Fe and H2O2. Sample cross linked after reacting with EDTA-Fe and H2O2. Data proves crosslinking reaction came from dityrosine bond formation with the obvious decrease in C-H bonds. As shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3.FT/IR graph of our protein

We evaluated viscosity for our Ubx biomaterial and confirmed its shear thinning characteristic, which shows high potential for the future development of bioinks for 3D printing.

Figure 4.Viscosity vs. shear rate

Bioink material

Figure 5.Ubx 3D printing process
Figure 6.Ubx 3D printing result

We further tested out our Ubx biomaterial by actually printing with it, and had successfully printed out a plane layer. We learned to operate 3D printers from professor Ming-Chia, Li and printed a graph as we expected.