Our collaboration journey started by launching the meetings with many iGEM teams in the beginning of June. Eventually, we have collaborated with 10 teams around the globe.

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KCL Aachen KU Leuven NIS_BIL_iGEM Tec Chihuahua

Team CCU_Taiwan

This year, CCU came up with the project aiming to prevent Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). To promote the concept of CVD and make the public pay more attention to the diet, they have written an online healthy cookbook. They invited us to provide a healthy dish idea and write it in the cookbook. Our team decided to make Hawaii Poke bowl, an easy-making dish containing various types of nutrients for CVD prevention.


Team KCIS_Xiugang_Taipei

We have launched a bioart workshop in KCIS with the team KCIS_Xiugang_Taipei and GEMS_Taiwan. It is a great way to lead the 7-9th graders to understand synthetic biology through BioArt. Also, KCIS invited us to lecture at their synthetic biology classroom for high school students. It was our honor to collaborate with them and engage more students into the field of synthetic biology.


Team KCL

We launched a series of BioArt events together in our #BioArt_TheThirdPlace science communication project. First, we organized and hosted BioArtists public lectures together. Before the events, KCL designed the poster and we built the register pages. Second, we held a BioArtwork sharing workshop together. Last, we invited them to join the online BioArt exhibition. We also participated in education outreach activities KCL initiated. We delivered our education material and drew several lecture posters for next generation iGEMers.


Team KU Leuven

iGEM KU Leuven invited us to join their podcast. It is a scientific podcast about how different scientists overcome problems and how the trouble shooting may be implemented in our lives. We introduced Chi Huei - Wong, a Taiwanese scientist whose research encompasses a broad spectrum of bioorganic and synthetic chemistry, in the podcast.



With the aim of raising pollution awareness among the people from all over the world, team NIS_BIL_iGEM invited all iGEM teams to join their video challenge. We recorded a short video of our members throwing plastic rubbish into special bins and they combined it into the video. By this way, we hope people will be more aware of the protection of the environment.


Team NTHU_Taiwan

Podcast is a great platform to start a synbio conversation with the public. Team NTHU launched an iGEM podcast to provide a platform for iGEM teams to introduce their project. We were invited to share how we came up with our ideas and turn it into a project, and brought the audience a deeper insight to synthetic biology applications.


Team Tec Chihuahua

With an aim to create an accessible Synbio content for young kids, iGEM Tec Chihuahua invited iGEM teams all over the world to create a drawing comic book together. Our team has thought up an intriguing superhero story to introduce our project and explain the synthetic biology knowledge behind. Team Tec Chihuahua then turned the content into Spanish so more kids could read and draw. Through the funny story in comics, kids could learn in a fun way!


Team GEMS_Taiwan

In August, we had a meet-up with GEMs_Taiwan in NYCU. As it’s the first time GEMS_Taiwan joined iGEM, we mentored them in the experiments we were conducting and explained the protein quantification techniques they might use in their experiment. Aslo, we invited them to join our BioArt workshop in KCIS and the exhibitions in September in the aim to spark more creativity. Team GEMs_Taiwan invited us to join their infographic translation project. They collect the infographic from iGEM teams and translate the content into different languages, so it could be promoted to more people with different language backgrounds around the world. We didn’t want to miss out the chance and designed a Chinese infographic to briefly introduce our project. We are also fascinated to see projects from other iGEM teams.


Team CSMU_Taiwan

Team CSMU_Taiwan has invited iGEM teams to join their production of an iGEM theme song. We sent a recording of the theme song. It was a fun way to tighten the bonds with the iGEM community and create more collaboration opportunities. Also, the melody and lyrics of the theme song is upbeat and catchy, which attracts the public to know more about iGEM!


Team Aachen

We had a meeting with team Aachen in August and invited them to join in our online BioArt exhibition. They used BioArt to extend the concept of their project. Their artwork “Microtiter Plate” is presented in our art gallery, and the process of creation is demonstrated in the form of video.