Online meetup - visualizing our idea

We held our first online meeting in March with NTHU_Taiwan to exchange the ideas of our project.

Both of our team members exchanged the initial ideas of the project, and we were inspired by the comments from each other. At the end of the meeting, we decided to establish a partnership with NTHU_Taiwan for further and long-term collaboration.

Apr - May

Lab meeting - project progress update & Model techniques sharing

Since the last meeting in March, we have updated our progress in the project once a month. We decided to have a formal in-person meeting after the social-distancing restriction is lifted. In our in-person meet-up, our model group provided them with methods and useful software to model the degreagaion curve of the protein.

Furthermore, a member of NTHU_Taiwan happened to be specializing in the field of Drosophila, thus we asked him the questions related to Ubx protein. His advice helped us to understand the protein characteristics and functionality. The dialogue in the meeting provides us with a broader direction of the project.


AFOB conference - presentation preparation & QA rehearsal

Both of our team were joining AFOB 2022 ARS events in June. Days before the conference, we presented our slides to each other and made adjustments on the content based on the advice given. Also, we asked questions to help shape our project toward comprehensiveness.


Podcast recording - joint episode in NTHU synbio podcast

NTHU_Taiwan invited us to record a joint episode in NTHU’s synbio podcast. We share how we came up with our ideas and turn it into a project, and brought the audience a deeper insight to synthetic biology applications. We also promote the BioArtist public lecture we were holding in September.

podcast link


Taiwan conference - presentation preparation & QA rehearsal

We joined a 2-day Taiwan conference in August. With the experience in AFOB conference, we decided to prepare together again. we presented our slides to each other and rehearse the QA session.

Sep - Oct

Experiment conduct - NYCU x NTHU functional tests

LL37 Protein used by NTHU_Taiwan can be activated by catalyzing with V8 protease. To prove that the LL37 protein could be activated by V8 protease, they asked us to conduct the antimicrobial functional test. Finally, they could use the result to compare with their data.

#BioArt_TheThirdSpace - BioArtist lecture & Online exhibition

We organized a BioArtist online public lecture event together. We invited Zi Yan, Lin and Yun Zheng, Yang from NTHU BioArtLab as their artwork Across The Street was just demonstrated in the BioArt exhibition in August. Furthermore, we invited NTHU_Taiwan to join our online BioArt exhibition to build science communication together.