Science communication

The 13th AFOB Regional Symposium (2022 ARS)

At the end of June, NYCU_Formosa participated in the 13th Asian Federation of Biotechnology Regional Symposium (ARS 2022) to communicate with teams from different Asia-Pacific regions.

From the speeches that were delivered by experts, we have learned a lot about synthetic biology and protein engineering. During the Q&A session after the meeting, by interacting with other iGEMers in different teams, we received a lot of useful suggestions, so that we could better improve our project.

Figure 1.2022 ARS Online meeting

TW Synbio Alliance Conference

On August 22, iGEM teams from Taiwan went to Tainan to participate in the annual Taiwan iGEM conference organized by NCKU. During the meeting, different teams shared their own projects, and advisors and instructors from other teams also gave us a lot of useful suggestions.

In the poster session, we introduced our project in more detail and exchanged ideas, so that we could better understand the shortcomings of our project. In addition to receiving help, we also made friends with iGEMers from all over Taiwan.

Figure 2.Taiwan Conference

BioArt Online Exhibition

We have prepared three stages for our Bioart event, online lectures, workshops, and exhibitions. In the final stage of the exhibition, we collect the artworks from the workshop and the online submissions, and display them through the website. By educating with the material of art, we can better present the meaning behind synthetic biology to the general public, furthermore, allowing them to experience science through bioart.

Figure 3.Bioart exhibition

NYCU_Formosa Presentation

In September, we held a NYCU_Formosa presentation. Most of the audience were our schoolmates who are interested in iGEM and there were also students from different departments. We briefly introduced our project and the purpose of iGEM. After the presentation, we received some opinions and some effective feedback.

Figure 4.NYCU_Formosa Presentation