Our project could have not been possible without the help and support of our sponsors, who provide us both with finances and resources. We use this page to thank them for their contributions to SPYKE.



TU Delft’s mission is to make a significant contribution towards a sustainable society for the twenty-first century. This is done by conducting groundbreaking scientific and technological research, which is acknowledged as world-class; by training scientists and engineers with a genuine commitment to society; and by helping to translate knowledge into technological innovations with both economic and social value.

Department of Biotechnology

The Department of Biotechnology engages in internationally leading, groundbreaking research and education programs in industrial and environmental biotechnology. The Department of Biotechnology covers the fields of biocatalysis, bioprocess engineering, cell systems engineering, environmental biotechnology, industrial microbiology, and biotechnology and society, thereby combining fundamental research, engineering, and design. These fields are all directed toward biotechnological process innovations.


The Department of Bionanoscience (BN) focuses on the fundamental understanding of biological processes, from the level of single molecules to the full complexity of living cells. This research provides a fascinating insight into the molecular mechanisms that lead to cellular function. The department features a strongly multidisciplinary and international team of scientists, whose research areas include single-molecule biophysics, synthetic biology, as well as (quantitative) cell biology BN has provided our team with laboratory space, supplies and an exceptional supervisory team.

Faculty of Applied Science

The Faculty of Applied Sciences’ main ambition is to contribute to resolving the major social challenges of our time through its teaching and research. These challenges include a secure, safe, clean and efficient energy supply, health (e.g. effective medicines), security of food supply, green economy/bio-economy, safety and security (also in terms of information transfer) and innovation. The faculty aims to be among the best in the world in a number of research areas.



Our official and unique sequencing provider, MacroGen is a leading provider in DNA sequencing services. It provides fast and reliable Sanger sequencing, next generation sequencing and bioinforamtics services to scientists around the world. Their mission is to help discoveries on human health and wellbeing with their genomic services.

V.O. Patents & Trademarks

V.O. Patents & Trademarks is one of the larger independent Intellectual Property firms in Europe. We have wide expertise and many years of experience in Chemistry, Life Sciences, Engineering and Hightech & Electronics. More than 60 attorneys support clients worldwide to maximize the value of their intellectual property. Clients range from tech starters and midsized innovators to knowledge centers and multinationals. They include leading national and international companies and institutes. With nine offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, we operate in a global network of professionals. V.O. provided use with a free priority patent.

Delft Health Initiative

TU Delft | Health Initiative brings together researchers involved in health research and innovation, in order to focus TU Delft expertise and to contribute to pioneering health technologies within relevant (inter)national research programs


Delft Bioengineering Institute

The virtual TU Delft Bioengineering Institute strengthens the campus-wide collaboration of scientists who are engineering solutions in, with or for biology, links them with external partners, and increases the visibility of the Delft University of Technology as a major partner in the international bioengineering arena.


Innovative solution provider in protein engineering and biologics, they provided us with cell-free systems. Their goal is to explore the potential of protein based biology and contribute to the development of new therapeutics



IDT is a supplier of nucleic acids for the life science industry. IDT's primary business is the manufacturing of high-quality, custom DNA and RNA oligonucleotides. They granted us with the gene fragments necessary for our research.



FAST is the student committee of Delft University Fund. With the financial support of alumni and other donors to Delft University Fund, the University Fund supports talent development at TU Delft. All FAST grants are made possible by financial contributions from donors to the Delft University Fund.


Stud of the TU Delft is a young and vibrant company, run for and by students. It has a student board to build a bridge between the student and the business community. Our office is located on the campus of the University so we are close to our students. As a result, Stud has the reach of 2000 to 3000 technical students who have fresh energy to get to work. Students can provide both technical and hand-and-span services within your company. Stud is a non-profit-making company and with the Stud fund, it supports student projects and to support associations. Projects such as the Vattenfall Solar Team, the Delft Hyperloop can be considered, students initiatives at Yes!Delft and various sports, study, and student associations. In short, smart flexible students to make your business thrive even further!


SkylineDx is driven by research and development in the field of molecular diagnostics. We are determined to empower innovative and personalized treatment of various diseases. To enable this, we are building a comprehensive range of world class diagnostic solutions on the cutting edge of technology and genomics.



BioRender is an online app used to create, edit, and collaborate on scientific diagrams, and illustrations. It offers a large library of over 40,000 icons to use in the creation of scientific posters, presentations, publications, and more.

UnitedConsumers Energie

UnitedConsumers Energie is a Dutch energy company that has been supplying green electricity from wind energy to more than 100,000 households since 2005. We support innovation in the field of sustainability, in order to make the world greener and cleaner step by step.


SnapGene is the first molecular biology software that is easier to use than pen and paper. Now every DNA construct made in our lab can be documented in a rich electronic format. Thanks to the free SnapGene Viewer, the files can be shared with our colleagues around the world!


Promega is an American born company and a global leader in providing innovation and technical solutions to the life science industry. The company portfolio includes the fields of genomics, protein analysis and expression, cellular analysis, drug discovery and genetic identity.

Medical Delta

Medical Delta wants to realize sustainable care with technological solutions. As the key player of the Health & Technology ecosystem, they want to create an impact on people, care, knowledge, and the regional economy through interdisciplinary scientific research and practice-oriented Field and Living Labs. In doing so, they make healthcare better and keep it accessible and affordable.


Eurofins aims to contribute to a safer and healthier world by providing its customers with innovative and high-quality laboratory, research and advisory services whilst creating opportunities for its employees and generating sustainable shareholder value.