This page contains the notebooks of all the different Wet Lab modules, where all the experiments done are reported.

Notebook module 1

Module 1 aimed at producing and purifying BlcR, our transcription factor of interest. Furthermore, it consisted of the characterization of BlcR, to determine its optimal conditions. To find out more, you can read our digital notebook by clicking on its front page.

Notebook module 2

The goal of Module 2 was to engineer BlcR to increase its binding affinity to its DNA sequence, by mutating teh BlcR binding domain. We first created a rational design of the amino acid substitution we wanted to carry out, we then sequenced the mutants to determine whether the mutations were successful and we lastly screened the mutants with a fluorescent assay.

Notebook module 3

With Module 3, we wanted to test the affinity of the wild type BlcR to the modified BlC operator sequence.

Notebook module 4

Module 4 consisted of all the techniques used to immobilize DNA to the gold surface of the elctrode and then convert the BlcR dissociation to an electrical output.