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We have developed python scripts for modeling, which are available on our GitHub and are described on our Modeling page of the wiki. These scripts can be re-used, re-engineered to different needs.

In addition, we have created code for controlling IOT Arduino, which controls many sensors and is built on integrating safety user experience. This full code can be used on Arduino IOT software for having a full user experience. Just like modeling scripts, Arduino codes are also freely available on our GitHub, and simple to re-use or edit for multiple applications.

We improved our previous biobrick game BioPuzzle made last year by the iGEM Evry_Paris-Saclay 2021 team. It was working on a smartphone application and we turned it into a website to make it easier to handle if you want to work with. Mains improvements relies on the fact that you can now on, create your own level biobrick construction using as much repressors, inducers and genes as needed for your model construction. Moreover, each level can be played by anyone, and each person can give an opinion afterward by giving a +1 or a -1 to this same level, thus the number associated to the level is correlated with the number of peoples who enjoyed it. We added a tutorial to our game and the previous level construction made by the iGEM Evry_Paris-Saclay 2021 team are quite easy to handle and seemed perfect to us for synthetic biology very beginners.