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Project Awarded with a Gold Medal

& Best measurement special award nomination


Electricia coli : an innovative diagnostic tool

Cancer remains one of the most life-threatening diseases all over the world. Therefore, its early-stage detection is critical for timely intervention needed to save the patient’s life.

Here we propose a system for more accurate and cost-effective detection of cancer by taking advantage of biomarker sensing together with external electron transfer through a microbial fuel cell. As the final output, we will detect an electrical signal in the presence of a cancer biomarker.

Our project relies on the use of a toehold switch biosensor to detect the cancer biomarker PANTR1, a long non-coding RNA, and subsequently express a gene that leads to an electron flow outside the cell resulting in an electric signal.

To detect this electric current, we built a microbial fuel cell device connected to an IOT hardware, allowing real-time monitoring and overseas data analysis, not foreseen in conventional biosensors. Our proof of concept has the potential to suggest a sustainable, next-generation apparatus for a wider public.

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