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Parts Collection

In our project, we have developed biosensors based on toehold switches for sequence-based detection of PANTR1, a long non coding (lnc) RNA [1] overexpressed in different types of cancer cells that was shown to promote cell migration, invasion, angiogenesis and proliferation and to repress apoptosis [2–9].

We employed established computational approaches [10] to design and optimise the specificity of our biosensor towards the four variants of the PANTR1 lncRNA:

A total of 396 distinct toehold switches were designed for the PANTR1 lncRNA. The full list and and their parameters is available as an excel file.
Among them, we selected the top 3 best ranked toehold switches and their cognate triggers, and cloned them with a promoter and a terminator, in order to characterise them in vivo in E. coli.

Toehold Switch Label Sensor Part Number Sensor + sfGFP-LVAtag Part Number Trigger Part Number Trigger Transcriptional Unit Part Number
PANTR1 Toehold Switch n°1 BBa_K4432001 BBa_K4432101 BBa_K4432201 BBa_K4432301
PANTR1 Toehold Switch n°2 BBa_K4432002 BBa_K4432102 BBa_K4432202 BBa_K4432302
PANTR1 Toehold Switch n°3 BBa_K4432003 BBa_K4432103 BBa_K4432203 BBa_K4432303
PANTR1 Toehold Switch n°4 BBa_K4432004 BBa_K4432104 BBa_K4432204 BBa_K4432304
PANTR1 Toehold Switch n°5 BBa_K4432005 BBa_K4432105 BBa_K4432205 BBa_K4432305
PANTR1 Toehold Switch n°6 BBa_K4432006 BBa_K4432106 BBa_K4432206 BBa_K4432306
PANTR1 Toehold Switch n°7 BBa_K4432007 BBa_K4432107 BBa_K4432207 BBa_K4432307
BBa_K4432407 BBa_K4432507
BBa_K4432607 BBa_K4432707
PANTR1 Toehold Switch n°8 BBa_K4432008 BBa_K4432108 BBa_K4432208 BBa_K4432308


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