Light pollutes, but it is essential for us. What if we could grow our own lights? Make them treat our waste water? Lets make it even cleaner and make it solar powered! The UBCO iGEM team aims to revolutionize the way we produce light by combining bioluminescence and photosynthesis. For a greener future, iluminated by life, a Life Bulb

Imagine a World...

Without light.

But Light

Has A

Dark Side

Artificial light consumes energy

Electrical light contributes to 20% of global energy consumption, according to the UN Global Environment Facility

Produces Greenhouse Gasses

Electrical light contributes to 6% of global carbon dioxide emissions2

Renewable energy is not perfect

What if a solution already exists in our natural world?

Indigenous communities all over the world have used and told legends about this natural phenomenon

people began to notice the dim light of life


Nature's ability to produce light

An enzyme catalyzed reaction through a substrate, which produces light

What if we could harness this light source?

To grow living lights that are...

Powered by the Sun

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