Meet the team

This year's Stockholm team has 17 members. Enjoy a brief description of each of us and get to know more by clicking a picture.

Team leader

Joël Tekoniemi

If you spot a guy who is watching you while shaking his head with a smile, that’s him (and you experience the same view which our members had all summer long). Besides judging you, his skills include overspending, an awful taste in chocolate and overloading team members with innovative and amazing ideas.

Team leader

Lumeng Li

As a representative of Chinese culture, she has a strong will and self-discipline. Her german upbringing has given her an appreciation for the rigour of science and the perfection of logical reasoning.

Dry & Wet lab

Raphaël Mauron

As the swiss representative of the team, he likes when things are done the right way. Laziness brings efficiency, right? Always in the lab before or after a good sport session. Most importantly, when the clock rings at 5pm, it’s time to leave and do an all-nighter at home!

Dry lab & Media

Mariia Minaeva

Smart, responsible and sporty - that’s her. She could get to any corner of Stockholm in a jiffy with her bike. More often than comfortable, that’s needed to save our bottoms with everything related to informatics or to take the responsibility when the rest of the team is not sober enough.

Wet lab & Human practices

Amela Peco

The adopted kid of the team, she loves educating people and prepping plasmids. If you want to be her best friend, get her sweets (notably licorice laced chocolates) and keep her away from spicy food (we’re talking paprika spice)

Wet lab

Barathram Swaminathan

A bonafide wet-lab maniac, he made the lab basically his first home during the summer. There, he hunted along with his pack for his favorite kind of prey: results.

Wet lab & Media

Evgenia Paraskevi Ntaouka

Whenever you see a greek girl in oversized trousers and shirts biking through the city, it was probably her - on the way to the lab or parties. When invited for updates, insights, and especially helping out ANYTIME of the day (or night), you should look twice when crossing the streets in Stockholm!

Wet lab

Keerthi Anand Raghavender

Showing no mercy when it comes to work while being the most laziest big old panda bear you can meet in real life - that’s her. Multitasking antibody calculations while binging Korean dramas is just one of many of her amazing characteristics.

Wet lab & Finance

Praghadhesh Thiagarajan

He gets the best deals, approaches companies and universities fearlessly - no matter how big or important they are - and negotiates without mercy to exhaust any possibilities to save as much money as possible (just so the wetlab and media team can spend it). Watch out when he contacts you!


Tingting Zhou

The hermit of financing. Like a soldier, she used her experience as a weapon to fight for sponsorships and our budget. All of that while waiting for the flight to her next travel destination.

Wet lab & Media

Adam Johansson Holopainen

With limitless imagination, he has legendary skills in animation. Always has a meme in mind to back up his argument, so much so that he is the most tethered to pop culture in the team - he could be an anime character himself.


Shuanghao Tang

As a student from a reputed business school, she brought a lot to the table. From making sure that everyone in the team is satisfied with the financials, to managing the cash bag, she had the rear covered when it was needed the most.

Wet lab & Human practices

Malcolm Halvarson

With a passion for sustainability, long days in the lab and caffeine, he is the team’s resident scientist-on-wheels. His homemade chili oil was appreciated during team lunches and dinners - although it was nearly lethal to Amela.

Wet lab & Media

Daniela Weh

The mutant monster of the wet lab, the overlord of multiculturalism and a media mogul. She straddles and prioritizes the work that needs to be done and after that, organizes the best dinner and workout regimen for the team to keep them happy and healthy.

Wet lab & Media

Sumant Salphale

Social media manager, audio visual master, drone cruiser, lab nerd, great cook and a weeb, phew, sounds impossible? Indeed, but he can do all that without breaking a sweat!!

Dry & Wet lab

Aishwarya Sajimon

Don’t go by her quiet demeanor, she is a monster when it comes to debates or partying hard. She was born to multitask; juggling between PCRs and modeling - she danced her way through!

Dry lab

Karolina Gustavsson

Always found with a book in her hand or several in her backpack. Her love for flora and fauna would make her the Gaia of the team. She’s currently on a mission to find the best vegan gelato in Italy.