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Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 is important for several functions in our body and is obtained from our diet. Upon digestion, the protein “gastric intrinsic factor” (IF) binds to the vitamin, carries it to our gut and enables the uptake of the vitamin. However, many people suffer from an autoimmune disease called “Pernicious Anaemia” (PA) where antibodies attack the IF.

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During the attack, the antibodies block IF from binding to vitamin B12. Therefore, the uptake of vitamins is reduced, which results in a form of vitamin B12 deficiency - called PA. Currently, the only treatment is injecting high-dose vitamin B12 by healthcare providers every 3 months.

~7 million

people globally suffer from pernicious anaemia

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Antibody Defence


To defend the IF from antibodies, we mutated the part of the protein which is recognized by the antibodies. This new and improved IF cannot be recognised by the antibodies, restoring the body’s ability to take up vitamin B12.

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