Sorbonne University has been participating in the iGEM competition since 2016, with many medals throughout the years; from bronze to silver to gold medals.🥇

Our new team, the iGEM Sorbonne 2022 team, aims to resolve one of the world’s most significant concerns: Malnutrition.


We started our journey as 20 strangers coming from different backgrounds and trying to start this new adventure together.

We had our ups and downs

but were always dedicated to follow our goals no matter what.

By promoting positive thinking and motivating each other to our best,

we started day after day building a stronger and stronger bond between each other.

Our shared ambitions pushed us into the right direction.

By trying our best to find the perfect solution to our ever growing society,

we had the idea to create a novel food source, simple to grow and simple to manage.

A novel food source that will preserve our soil and our beloved mother nature.

And that’s when we came up with NAWI, the Nutritive Algae for World Improvements.

Our lovely NAWI will see Chlamydomonas reinhardtii’s heme production increased and controlled,

therefore improving its iron content.

It will also be able to grow in bioreactors, an alternative to today's polluting and soil-destroying methods of agriculture.

Our NAWI will be then able to fight against malnutrition, provide a new iron-rich super nutritive food to our vegetarian friends

and respect the beauty of our beautiful nature.

Yes, we started as 20 strangers.

but our goal of completing our mission transformed us

into 20 friends, 20 Nawisiens,
one big family.