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What is the Growth Curve?

Growth curve represents the evolution of population size over time. It is widely used in microbiology to determine the pattern of bacterial growth.

How to Measure the Growth Curve?

Various of methods have been developed for growth curve measurements, such as:

Optical density (OD) or Colony-forming unit (CFU)


However, the measuring process is both time-consuming and fatiguing. Even though some methods are developed for automatic detection, most of them are expensive.

Why Does It Matter?

Growth phase is the crucial factor when producing recombinant protein. The induction in specific phase enhances the efficiency and yield of mass production.

In the scientific research, growth phase also has its important. By monitoring the growth phase, researcher can predict and control bacteria growth under specific condition.

What are we working on?

      - E. color, A new way for growth curve measurement

We label E. coli growth status with different color.

The color change are detected by our monitoring system, and transform into the information about E. coli growth status.

With LineBot, user can retrieve data easily and remotely.

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