Primary PI
Ruyi Shi
Ph.D. in Biosystems Engineering, Zhejiang University, Director of Worldshaper Biological Project. Outstanding scientific research achievements in the fields of bioengineering and food science; Recent research interest in synthetic biology and have made excellent achievements in iGEM competition guidance (high school track).
Qinglian Hu
Postdoctoral fellow of National University of Singapore Associate professor and deputy director of the Department of Biotechnology of School of Bioengineering, Zhejiang University of Technology Her research interests include the construction of tumor nano-drug carriers and their application in the integration of tumor diagnosis and treatment and immunotherapy. To date, the corresponding author or first author of Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Nano Letters, Biomaterials, More than 20 SCI papers have been published in important international journals such as Advanced Function Materials and ACS Nano, and the research results have been widely concerned by domestic and foreign peer experts.
Dongxia Shen
Master of Science in Neurobiology, State University of New York, Stony Brook, USA Zhejiang University Zhu Kezhen College alumnus Full Award admission to State University of New York Editing and editing of core medical journals 12 years of coaching experience in international biology courses and competitions
Team leaders
Weifan Wang
I’m Weifan Wang from Hangzhou foreign language school Cal-center. It’s an honor for me to take charge of this investigation. Since high school, I have been in the debating club and biology club, from which my curiosity has been inspired. In my spare time, I insist on holding cross country races. When I participated in the IGEM, it seemed like I opened the door to genetic engineering, where my ideas formed and flourished with fervor.
Wet team leader
Jiangchen Liu
Hello everyone! My name is Liu Jiangchen, from Shanghai Guanghua Cambridge. Since I came into contact with the subject of biology, I have fallen in love with this subject, especially in the fields of biomedicine and biotechnology. I will read some related books, consult some literature, and then digest, organize, and strengthen through various aspects of understanding. Knowledge of biology. The students who participated in iGEM this time are not experts in the field of biology. Most of them are learners who have a strong interest in biology and want to challenge themselves through this competition. I hope my teammates and I can achieve: unity, innovation, Persevere!
Dry team leader
Xinrui Jiang
Hi! I’m Xinrui Jiang from Hangzhou RDFZ King’s college school. I like biology very much at school, but I will study business in the future. In my free time, I like playing the guitar and drawing. I think I am a helpful, kind and like to make new friends. The original intention for me to attend IGEM this time is that I hope to get in touch with more field connected with business, learn more biological knowledge and make more excellent partners, and I want to develop leadership as a dry team leader.
Dry team leader
Annie Wang
Hello! My name is Annie Wang and I’m a rising junior at New Trier High School in Illinois. In addition to being really interested in biology / biomedical engineering, I also decided to participate in this competition because I really like the concept and format of the iGEM competition. Outside of academics, I’m also a violist, pianist, and competitive cheerleader (school and Allstar/club). I enjoy working with others and I believe I’ll learn a lot from this experience!!

Sherry Chen

Hello everyone(´▽`) I am Sherry Chen from Hangzhou No.14 high school, grade 10. My future major is biopharmacy. In my free time, I like travelling and photography. I have a wide range of hobbies like editing videos, making specimens and cooking. I will be part of wet team.

Yifei Hu

Hi, there! I’m Yifei Hu from Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China. I’m a senior high school student at Hangzhou Foreign Languages School and I’m sixteen years old. I’m adept in the science and mathematics field, especially chemistry. My hobbies are playing saxophone, playing basketball, and even bel canto (although I haven’t practiced for a long time). I’m an introvert, but when involved in something I like, I’ll be an extrovert. My original intention to participate in IGEM is to broaden my horizon and win the high-level award. My works are surveying and collecting surveys, and field studies of resources.


Hello! My name is Yang Jingsen, coming from Beijing 21st Century International School. I’m an enthusiastic guitar and volleyball fan, playing both of them for more than 5 years. The subject I strongly supposed to be adept at is biology. Once I got 107 in AP mock test. I am a humorous person and always want to work with my friends in a comfortable vibe. I’m mainly in charge of experimental process and We-media publicity. Yearning for being inspired from the bio-competition, iGEM, and meet more friends, I come to here!


Hello! my name is He zhuoya from the Worldshaper-HZBIOX, studying in Hangzhou RDFZ King‘s college school now. I like badminton and hiking very much, hardworking and enthusiastic is my most essential feature , Although biological genetic engineering is a new challenge for me, but I’m a person who like to taking things head on! So, I'm honored to be a member of this group now. I’m taking a part of the positions into the theory and biological experiment group of the wet team, the publicity and design group, social research and business innovation group of the dry team.

Zhou Yirui

I am Zhou Yirui, Eliza from Cambridge International Exam Center in Shanghai Experimental School. I am interested in and quite good at science, especially for biology studies. I am looking forward to enjoy the laboratory time and the time along with my teammates and the academics.

Yu Ning’er

My name is Yu Ning’er, you can also call me Stacy. Now I’m studying in Ningbo Xiaoshi High School. During my free time, I would like to play badminton and playing the paino. For the school work, Biology is my favorite subject. I’m not a really outgoing girl but I think that to people around me is my advantage. The reason for me to take part in this competition is to broaden my knowledge and insight. My main responsibility in the team is publicity.

Zhang Chang

Hi everyone, I am Zhang Chang from Ningbo, Zhejiang . I am currently studying in Ningbo Xiaoshi high School. In the IGEM project, I am mainly responsible for the derivation and experimentation of biological theory. And I am sensitive to the knowledge of biology, particularly interested in genetic biology. Besides, I also have some research in mechanical engineering. As an easy-going person, it is a pleasure to learn and improve together with everyone.

Wang Qianrou

Hi, I’m Wang Qianrou, from Canada British Columbia Hefei No.1 High School. Usually, playing the piano, travelling, and photographing are my favorite pastimes in my leisure time. I’m a little bit introverted, but I'm eager to reach out to different people and try new activities so as to expand my knowledge. I'm a member of the wet team and the advocacy group of the dry team, I hope to gain some professional knowledge to prepare for my future university studies and make new friends at iGEM.

Qian Zhengyang

Hi guys!I’m Qian Zhengyang from Hangzhou,Zhejiang,currently studying in Hangzhou Foreign Language School and is going to choose biology as my future major. Participating in IGEM is an attempt to go further in what I am interested in.


Hello everyone. I'm Li Xinyan, you can also call me Yan. I'm from CBC Hefei. Science, chemistry and biology are my favorite subjects. I really enjoy listening to music, playing video games and watching TV shows in my spare time. I'm a introvert person, so it might take a little longer to get to know about me. In my opinion, iGEM gives me a platform to know about more people. In addition, I want to practice my scientific skills, so I choose to be one of the member of the wet team.

Yu Sirui

Hallo everyone, my name is Yu Sirui, you can also call me Jeremy. I am from Hangzhou Zhejiang. I am a student from The Affiliated High School to Hangzhou Nomal University. I am a outgoing boy and I am very interested in ichthyology. In the future I want to develop in this field. My original intention to participate in this activity is to get familiar with the form of group research and improve my own scientific research ability.

Li Xiangshi

Hello, my name is Li Xiangshi, I am from Changsha No. 1 Middle School. I like to play table tennis, badminton, volleyball etc. I am an extrovert and usually cheerful and enthusiastic. I love biology because my junior high school biology teacher is very respectful to me. Attending igem is about experiencing high-end biotechnology and exercising the ability to collaborate. I'm in charge of the Wet Team's work and web production.

Leo Li

I’m Leo Li, from the HFLS Cal center, now in senior one. Optimistic, open-minded, and persistent are the words that best describe me. I was fascinated by the fine logic and broad future of biology, especially synthetic biology's "ability to edit life.” In the group, I devote myself to laboratory and academic research and provide help for human practices.

Chenyu Zhu

I am Chenyu Zhu, comes from Hang shi da fu. I am good at programming, that also my hobby. I am a little shy but I think I would try my best for this contest. The research from igem on bacteria attract me and I want to connect programs with biology. I am responsible for the web page production part.

Kaiyu Jia

Hello everyone. My name is Kaiyu Jia. You can call me Kevin. I am from Hefei Xinhua Academy. I am very interested in biology and mathematics. In my spare time, I like playing football, playing the saxophone and playing the piano. I participated in iGEM competition to improve my biological ability and social ability. Because although I have no communication barriers, I am not good at communicating with others actively, and my social skills are not very strong. I hope to make more friends in the process of attending iGEM.


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