February to March, 2022
Recruitment of team members
Team registration
April, 2022
Project brainstorming
iGEM medal list studying
Biology theory studying
May, 2022
Project background survey
Lab safety and security training
HP work startup
Team logo and jersey design
Experimental principles learning
Web design learning
June, 2022
Team uniform and logo production
Distribution and collection of questionnaires
Project design and expert interview
Promotion video design
Completion of crowdfunding
Hardware design learning
Experiment preparation
Developing an online platform, including ins, WeChat, Bilibili, weblog
Face to face talk held in Hangzhou foreign language school
Shotting the publicity video
Start to construct a wiki framework
July, 2022
Experimental skills training
Effects exploring of arginine on colon cancer cell line CT26
Knocking out of argR gene of ECN 1917
Construction of △argR-argJ ECN 1917 and function test
Interview planning & executing & summarizing, round 1
interviewing planning & executing & summarizing, round 2
Planning on publicity events (School, Speech…) online publication& announcement
Start PR and raise attention to the project
Self-media update (reality show born)
Wiki design and making
Picture book design
Project modeling
Sponsoring executing
finish project background research &description
online announcement twice
August, 2022
Arginine production analysis
Effects verification of △argR-argJ ECN 1917 on CT26 cells
Construction of pGLO-Lysin plasmid
Cell lysis test of pGLO-Lysin plasmid after transforming into E. Coli DH 5alpha, E. Coli MG1655, ECN 1917
Offline public engagement activity in Hangzhou low carbon science and technology museum
Publicity events with partner
Self-media update
Applied design
Social research and interviews with experts in the immunotherapy field
Social research and interviews with experts in Gut Microbiome
Field trip for pharmacy factory in Changsheng
Web Design and Optimization
Cohost an online meetup with Worldshaper-Shanghai
Promotional video production
September, 2022
Improvement of pGLO-Lysin plasmid (with LZU-China)
Applied design optimization (Collaborated with LZU-China 2022iGEM team)
Wiki page design and making
Manuscripts writing
Preparation of PPT
Collaborating on a three-line poem activity with a synthetic biology theme with NEFU_China
Cooperation with worldshaper-SH for academic exchange activities
October, 2022
Optimization of Wiki
Preparation of presentation video
Submission of final judging form
Parts registry
Participation of 2022 giant jamboree

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