Boost Colorectal Cancer Treatment: Arginine Probiotics

Colon cancer is a relatively common digestive tract malignant tumor with a high mortality rate and is one of the three major cancers in the world. The main idea of our project is to use the non-pathogenic bacteria E. Coli Nissle 1917 to produce L-arginine to boost colorectal cancer immunotherapy. To overcome the arginine inhibition mechanism, the ArgR gene was knocked out and the ArgJ gene was inserted. To ensure biosafety, we inserted the Lysin gene into our engineered EcN so that it would be lysed after the bacteria had done their work. The engineering bacterium EcN in the project is designed to use the metabolite ammonia of cancer cells as a substrate to continuously produce a large amount of L-arginine in tumors. Long-term stay in the tissue has great potential for the treatment of digestive system tumors.



In recent years, scientists have meditated and finally discovered that L-arginine has a unique immunomodulatory effect and can treat colon cancer. And L-arginine can be produced by metabolizing ammonia from colon cancer, in short, turning waste into treasure!


But! To achieve the full therapeutic effect, the human body needs to consume 150g of L-arginine orally for a person weighing 75kg per day.

This daunting task will be left to us, WS_HZBIOX!

WS_HZBIOX found that in the genetically engineered bacterium ENC1917, there are two genes that have a profound effect on the production of arginine, they are the ArgR gene and the ArgJ gene.

ArgR is a veritable genetic mob boss, who does nothing but fight against L-arginine every day.

ArgJ itself is the beloved of L-arginine, and they used to be the king of immune mediators. However, suddenly one day, the boss of the glutamate gang, N acetyl glutamate, took control of him. From then on, the former king bomb became cannon fodder

L-Arginine discovered that he could return a peaceful and beautiful home without gang strife by modifying ENC1917 genetically engineered bacteria to change ArgR and ArgJ.

He first sent his assassin KanR to kill ArgR in a dark night.

In order to get back the help of ArgJ, L-Arginine and WS_HZBIOX cooperate and introduce an ArgJ that is not controlled by N-acetylglutamate.

From then on, in ENC-1917 home, no more disturbances, L-Arginine can play without any worries


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