Breaking down the barriers in science for people of different backgrounds is of utmost importance to our diverse team. We aimed to make our project accessible, representative, easy to use, and inclusive in all aspects. To make our device accessible for people of varying socioeconomic backgrounds, we designed an inexpensive method of antibody production to ensure mass production at a low cost.

Our device is also disability-friendly. The results on the strip are a high contrast color to make the visualization of test results clear. Our wiki is also made with high contrast colors and a font type and size that is easy to read. For our app, we are working on installing a read-aloud feature that verbalizes the test results and the app features.

In addition, inclusivity was one of the foundations of our IHP efforts. Our podcast featured researchers and doctors of underrepresented communities in the US, and the majority of interviewees are women. We also partnered with an international team for the blog and podcast in effort to bring the global synthetic biology community together, and to gain perspective on another project.