Team Photo with URoch 2022

Our meeting with University of Rochester.

University of Rochester 2022

We met with the University of Rochester’s iGEM team to learn about each other’s projects and exchange feedback, primarily through our Integrated Human Practices and Wet Lab committees. It was fascinating to see both of our projects utilize the E. coli SHuffle strain to produce antibodies to fulfill extremely different purposes and we found it helpful to discuss and resolve roadblocks our team faced such as DNA cloning and DH5-alpha E. coli transformation. We also discussed different assembly methods as this was the particular issue that we both were facing. We each decided to try a different assembly method (Gibson Assembly for us, NEBuilder Hifi DNA assembly for them) and then report which method worked.

Team IISER Pune 2022

We partnered with the IISER Pune 2 team in our wet lab, modeling, and IHP efforts. To read a full description of this partnership, read more on the partnership page.

Team Photo with IISER 2 2022 iGEM 2

Our first meeting with team IISER Pune II, which turned into an important partnership.

Midsummer Meetup

On August 13th, the University of Maryland hosted a mid-Atlantic day-long conference attended by the University of Virginia, William and Mary, Johns Hopkins University, and East Coast Biocrew. Each school gave a brief presentation covering their progress and goals for this year's competition. It was a great opportunity to engage with other iGEMers, receive feedback on our own project, and clarify how we could best present our materials to communicate with larger audiences.

Our team members at University of Maryland. (From left to right: Yasir Mahboba, Jayati Maram, Peneeta Wojcik, Marisa Guajardo, Yilun Zhou)