Important Dates

August 3rd


-To study how to use machines involved in our experiment, including the PCR amplifier, the centrifuge, and the horizontal gel electrophoresis apparatus.

-To prepare the consumables for later experiment

-To extract the DNA genome out of the poplar leaf

August 4th


-To amplify our targeted DNA sequence (COMT)

-To connect COMT to pEASY vector

-To insert the plasmid into Escherichia coli

August 5th


-To determine the presense of COMT in Escherichia coli using colony PCR

-To learn seamless cloning for later experiment

-To check the sequence of the plasmid

August 6th


-To extract the plasmid from Escherichia coli colony

-To test the concentration of plasmid using OD 260/OD 280

-To clone plasmid using PCR

August 7th


-To reclaim plasmid using gel electrophoresis

-To connect the targeted DNA to vector PBI121

-To insert PBI121into competent Escherichia coli

August 8th


-To check the presence of the vector using colony PCR

-To insert PBI121 into Agrobacterium tumefaciens

August 9th


-To pre-culture poplar leaf allowing effective infestation of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

-To conduct Agrobacterium infestation

August 10th


-To extract melatonin from poplar saplings

-To check the concentration of melatonin in each group of saplings

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