Team member attribution Support from others

Team member attribution
Support from others
Lab Support:

ATLATL Innovation Center, Beijing

Instructors Support:

1、Prof. Yuepeng Song - PI ,Beijing Forestry University; Functional Genomics and Molecular Marker Assisted Breeding.

2、Ms. Xinyi Zhu - Wet Team Secondary PI, Wharton Business School Business Analysis authentication; MBA of Kent Business School;

3、Dr. Zhen Zhang - Dry Team, Beijing Jiaotong University; Improve scientific and technological development ability and academic level for scientific and technological personnel;

4、Mr. Xin Lu - Dry Team , MBA of Stony Brook University:

5、Mr. Xu ri Hao - his main research direction is tree molecular breeding, and he has participated in 2 special projects of the 14th Five-Year key R&D projects.

6、Ms. Yue Xiao, interested in forest genome and molecular breeding, providing day-to-day support and technical training for the team.

Human Practices Support:

Ms. Yuting Tang, senior expert in marketing

Mr. Tao Tao, consultant in laws & regulations in Bio-medical field

Beijing Zhongguancun BioBank






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