Team Leaders

Team Members

Cui Yirui 

Hello, my name is Yirui Cui, and my English name is Grace. I am currently in high school in Portland, USA, and I a rising senior.I am fond of psychology and sociology, what’s more is that I am very interested in social research and debate.

Feng Yihui 

My name is Fengyihui, go by Vivian. I enjoy doing sports, listening music and getting in touch with different custom. Synthetic biology is like building blocks,which bring into being what we can imagine.

Zhang Haotian 

I'm Lucas. Although not particularly good at something, I am quite versatile. I am good at planning stuff and managing logistics. Basically I can help out with anything not too professional.

Wang Chengyi 

I am currently a grade 10 student in BIPH. I have heard about iGEM in a synthetic biology summer school. In our team, my jobs are doing wet labs and mathematical modeling.

Xiong Haiqiao 

Hi, you can call me Josie! I am now a tenth grader at Lutheran High School in Long Island, New York. What I am most interested in is biochemistry. In addition to participating in some extra-curricular activities and volunteering related to biology, I am also particularly interested in participating in laboratory activities.

Kang Chuang 

My name is Andrew, you can call me Ang Shao ha ha, now I am a student of grade 11 in the International Department of Guangdong Experimental high School.

Chen Guo 

Team Member

Hi I am Chen from THINKER_CHINA. I love photography & hip-hop . I am responsible for the lab work and collecting data.

Yan Han 

Team Member

Sup this is Eric from Hamden Hall. I’m an introverted extrovert. I'm part of the dry team of our team and mainly working on Human Practice.

Gao Zihan 

Team Member

Hi there! My name is Zihan and I come from Chengdu. I’m currently studying at Anglo-Chinese School, Singapore. A fun fact about me: my family call me by my family name.

Ye Xiru 

Team Member

Hello everyone! I’m Tiffany from THINKER-CHINA, I ‘m keen on music, sports, photography and traveling. I’m in charge of the laboratory work and data collecting.


Team Member

My name is Jack. I am a grade twelve senior studying at SAS in Shanghai. I am studying microbiology and math, and my favorite subjects are physics and English. I enjoy reading in my spare time.

Zhu Yihan 

Team Member

Hi, I’m Emily, Zhu Yihan. I am 16 years old and come from Ningbo. I like Chinese traditional dance and KPOP very much, and I am also interested in education and psychology. I'm honored to meet you all!