Meet The Team

| NDSU - iGEM 2022

Barney Geddes (Advisor)

I run a research group at NDSU focused on understanding and engineering plant-microbe interactions. I mentor the NDSU iGEM team, and teach Microbial Genomics. In my spare time I love picking up new hobbies – I enjoy running, bird carving, painting, woodworking and recently started blacksmithing!


Mia Haugan (President)

Currently a junior or third year student majoring in biotechnology, and microbiology. I have done molecular biology research in the Geddes lab where I work with atmospheric nitrogen fixing bacteria. I joined our team to learn more about genetic engineering, as well as gain experience in working as a team where we have total control to choose and pursue our project. In my freetime I am an avid reader and I rock climb.


Drew Jordahl (Vice President)

I’m a senior majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I’m an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Zhongyu Yang's biochemistry lab where I am currently working on purifying and characterizing recombinant prion protein folding in different environments. I have been involved in undergraduate research for almost two years and I plan to continue my education after graduation by pursuing a PhD in biochemistry.


Deanna Milner

I’m a senior majoring in microbiology with minors in chemistry and biotechnology and will be graduating Spring 2023! My goal after graduating is to go to graduate school to study genetics. I joined GEC to meet new people and gain knowledge in genetic engineering.


Caroline Osborne

I’m a first year Master’s student in Genomics and this is my second year in the competition. I personally work with plants, so our iGEM team is fun because I get to work with bacteria. It gives me an opportunity to learn about another side of biotechnology. In my freetime I like to play piano and ukelele!


Taylor Pennington (Secretary)

I’m a senior in biotechnology and am graduating Fall 2022. This is my second year as the club’s secretary. I joined because I wanted to meet more people in my major and collaborate on fun research projects with other undergrads. I have enjoyed learning all about synthetic biology and can’t wait to see what projects this club will do in the future!


Sierra Preabt (Outreach Coordinator)

I'm a third year student in psychology and neuroscience. This is my first year involved with the project and I'm excited to learn more about the world of iGEM and bioengineering. I love biology and am hoping to incorporate my experience from iGEM into my future research. My plan is to go to grad school for neuropsych and research the genetic components of synaptic pruning.


Jake Schumacher

This is my second year competing in the iGEM competition. I graduated last spring with a bachelor’s in biotechnology, but I decided to stay at NDSU to start a Ph.D. program in microbiology. This year I will serve as a graduate advisor to the team. I love GEC because it gives undergraduate students the opportunity to develop as researchers and contribute to world problems. It gives me a sense of importance that is larger than myself, this team, or this country.


Miranda Vanderhyde

I graduated with my bachelor's degree in microbiology at NDSU in the spring of 2022 and am starting my first year of graduate school. I love teaching and anything with plants and soil!! I joined the iGEM team because I wanted to learn more about biotechnology and learn new lab skills.


Wyatt Warkenthien (Treasurer)

I am a biotechnology and microbiology student at NDSU who works at a biotechnology startup called Agathos Biologics. I am passionate about making a difference in the world through the application of science and technology. I have a strong interest in the field of synthetic biology and am excited to be working on a team that is developing new ways to solve modern issues.