Chieh-Chen Huang

Professor Chieh-Chen Huang provided us with lab instruments, helped team members to establish the whole vision, supervised the team's progress, and provided consulting on wet lab experiments and human practice activities.


Chia-Ho Liu

Chia-Ho gave us suggestions from every aspect, including experiments, wiki, human practice, etc. He even helped us to overcome obstacles of PQQ plasmid extraction and experiment training.

Eugene Huang

Eugene gave us many suggestions about our teamwork and lots of advice on our presentation, such as the fluency of our storyline.

Shih-Hsun Walter Hung

Shih-Hsun advised us on our overall project design.


Yi-Hsuan Shen

Yi-Hsuan helped us to handle many problems with wiki, and conceptions construction and gave us suggestions about human practice activities.


Min-Yu Hsu:
Student leader

Responsible for the scheduling, communication, events planning, and integration of each group to coordinate the team's work direction.

Shr-Han Lee:
HP Member

Responsible for art designing, public relations, promotion video editing, fund-raising proposing, and YouTube channel managing.

Yu-Cheng Fu:
HP Social Media Curator

Responsible for fund raising plans, promotion video filming, and social media establishment.

Yo-Yuan Yang:
HP Member

Responsible for event design, fund raising and article writing.

Yung-Chieh Chang:
HP Member

Responsible for promotion video context writing, human practice article writing, helping in a survey in Farmers Market at NCHU, and accounting.

Liang-Ying Chen:
Art design member

Responsible for promotion video editing, promotion video animation making, icon and team uniform design, slides design for ARS conference, and wiki design.

Jia-Rong Chang:
Art design member

Responsible for Presentation slide design.

Ivan Su:
Student Leader

Responsible for the scheduling, experiment designing and performing, data processing and visualizing, reference materials finding, and integration of each group to coordinate the team's work direction.

Chien-Chun Hung:
Wet Lab Member

Responsible for material integration, plasmid transformation leader, experiments designing, promotion video recording, and experiment data analysis.

Hung-Yu Chi:
Wiki page builder

Responsible for building and maintaining wiki.

Jia-Yu Tsui:
Wet Lab Member

Responsible for plasmid transformation.

Chien-hui Sun:
Wet Lab Member

Responsible for plasmid transformation.

Wen-ting Chang:
Wet Lab Member

Responsible for plasmid transformation.

Tung-ming Liu:
Wet Lab Member

Responsible for plasmid transformation.

Wung-hung Zhang:
Wet Lab Member

Responsible for conducting growth curve experiments.

Group Photo


Dr. Jui-jen Chang

The CEO of Trade Wind Biotech. Dr. Chang gave us suggestions from commercial and professional aspects during the conference in Chiayi.

Chun-Liang Lin

The Vice-Chancellor of National Chung Hsing University.
Dr.Lin gave us advice on fundraising.

Hui-Min Wang

Ph.D., Department of Chemical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
Dr. Wang helped us contact sponsors.

Chang-hua Chen

Division of Infectious Diseases Attending Physician from Changhua Christian Hospital.
Dr.Chen gave us a deeper understanding about diabetic wounds.


National Chung Hsing University


Integrated DNA Technologies

College of Life Sciences in NCHU