Team leads

Jānis Edmunds Daugavietis - Upheld the team’s sanity. Spent a lot of time in the wet lab helping out in all aspects of the project. Worked in fundraising and public outreach. Looked for teams to collaborate with.

Uģis Vēvers - Wet lab work taking up the slack wherever a holdup occurred. Worked on the InterLab study and public outreach. Kept up the pacing with a pinch of cynicism.

Team members

Reinis Muižnieks - Designed the DNA constructs, fiddled with the PCR and GGA optimisation. Collaborated with other teams.

Jānis Strazdiņš - Helped with public outreach, fundraising and wet lab work when available. Worked on the project idea.

Roberts Ozols - Worked on the growth media optimisation experiments and fundraising.

Olavs Rāciņš - Led the fundraising, worked on the wiki page, wrote a bunch of text and participated in the ideation.

Laura Drunka - The chemist. Analysed the carotenoid content of saffron and our yeast. Worked on the InterLab study and was a wizard at transforming E. coli.

Santa Kliedere - Upheld the social media presence and led the charge on public outreach.

Anna Līna Bula - Wet lab work. Extracted carotenoids from the yeast and analysed the samples from our growth media optimisation experiments.

Eliza Marija Kraule - The residing programmer who built the wiki.

Nityanand Jain - Participated in the problem selection and fundraising.


Andrii Shekhirev - Organised the first meeting and sparked the idea about a Latvian iGEM team. Coached the team in fundraising.


Tālis Juhna - Managed the paperwork and participated in selecting the initial team.

Secondary PI

Jānis Liepiņš - Technical support. Performed sanity checks on the experimental design and helped troubleshoot methods and unforeseen results.


Anna Stikāne - Had great input in selecting the problem, helped with public outreach and sanity checks.

Aigars Lavrinovičs - Helped in the ideation and problem selection process.


We would like to thank the financial support of SIA “Roche Latvija”, SIA “Mikrotīkls”, University of Latvia Fund, University of Latvia Student Business Incubator, University of Latvia Student Council. We would like to thank Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre, Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis and University of Latvia for providing us with labspace and equipment for the conduction of experiments.