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Here is the summary table of all the parts iGEM CSMU_Taiwan 2022 designed and used this year. In addition to capitalizing on existing Parts (BBa_K1442039, BBa_K1150016, and BBa_K3281011), we have also created new Parts and have uploaded their information on the Registry pages. These Parts include our target protein (BBa_K4151016), our Tet-On system (BBa_K4151017), as well as our regulatory gene (BBa_K4151015, BBa_K4151019). If you want to know more about our parts, please feel free to contact us!

Parts overview

Name Description Type Length(bp)
BBa_K1442039 P2A Regulatory 66
BBa_K1150016 HA-tag Tag 27
BBa_K3281011 TetOnCMV promoter Regulatory 315
BBa_K4151002 TetO Regulatory 19
BBa_K4151003 Minimal CMV promoter Regulatory 70
BBa_K4151004 Human AID(F193A) Protein 594
BBa_K4151005 GS linker Regulatory 24
BBa_K4151006 IAA17 Protein 132
BBa_K4151008 cPPT Regulatory 190
BBa_K4151009 GFP Reporter 714
BBa_K4151010 T2A Regulatory 63
BBa_k4151011 rtTA3 Protein 705
BBa_K4151012 3xFLAG Tag 66
BBa_K4151013 RFP Reporter 695
BBa_K4151015 IRES Regulatory 463
BBa_K4151016 AID(dNES) Protein 597
BBa_K4151017 rtTA Protein 747
BBa_K4151019 F2A Regulatory 99
BBa_K4151020 hPGK Regulatory 504
BBa_K4151024 tight TRE promoter Regulatory 427