The makeup of the AshesiGhana team resonates perfectly with Doug Floyd’s quote “You don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note.” From forming a team with different majors, different year groups, and a coalition between two schools, AshesiGhana presents a team with a varying but harmonizing composition. One peculiar characteristic of our team is that 77.7% (7 out of 9 members) of the team had no prior exposure to synthetic biology before the start of this year’s iGEM season. The AshesiGhana iGEM team is made up of five engineering students (mechanical and electrical), two computer science students and two students from the biological sciences.

In addition, we had our amazing principal investigator (PI) and our two instructors who provided guidance and support during the iGEM period, and by so doing motivated us to keep going even when things got tough. We are proud of our progress and success as a team and enjoyed the time we spent together working and having fun alongside. Gold Alliance for gold!


Micheal Ampofo Boateng

Electrical & Electronics Engineering '22

I want to contribute extensively in my chosen field of Embedded Systems, by acquiring advanced degrees in top schools in the U.S, then working in companies that focus on automotive electronics, and integrated circuits…did anyone say Tesla or NVIDIA? 👀

Trish Anesu Maduche

Mechanical Engineering '22

I am very passionate about Sustainable Development Goal 7 and would like to perform more research on Renewable Energy, with a particular focus on off-grid systems for remote areas.

Elijah Adutwum Boateng

Computer Science ‘23

I am interested in machine learning artificial intelligence and its application in solving problems within the Ghanaian context, Africa and even across the globe. I love drumming as well 🥁

Vera Bordah

Mechanical Engineering '22

The creation of high-demand consumer items, fascinates me. I also enjoy teaching. I hope to develop the Chosen Race foundation, which involves students in a practical approach to learning and using math, and become a productive engineering professor.

Gideon Donkor Bonsu

Computer Science ‘23

I often imagine what it will look like to have rural communities light up with bioluminescent trees. My end goal is to achieve that feat. I love biology and hope to eventually apply computational thinking to model and build bio-inspired systems.

Leeroy Takudzwa Magora

Mechanical Engineering '25

I enjoy converting ideas into value. I want to be an Entrepreneur.

Edith Yaa Okyerewaa Boakye

Mechanical Engineering ‘23

I love designing mechanical systems so I am hoping to pursue that as a career. I am also passionate about child empowerment and I aspire to establish an orphanage.

Betty Essien

Biochemistry '24

I am passionate about how hereditary genetic diseases can be prevented or cured. For a while I thought it was impossible but with this field of gene therapy, I hope to make a great contribution to curing and preventing genetic disorders.

Sandra Waterwood Acquah

Biological Sciences ‘22

My aspirations revolve around biology especially female participation in this field, its mobilisation and empowerment. My career goal is to become a tissue engineer to contribute in the field of reconstructive surgery.

Rosemond Nyatefe Tawiah

Electrical and Electronic Engineering '22

If all children will get to have a memorable childhood and grow up into adulthood devoid of cancers, I would feel fulfilled. I would love to apply principles of bioengineering, biotechnology, cancer biology and research in paediatric oncology detection and treatments. I also look forward to having an oncology research institute in Africa which has scientists on the continent and beyond collaborating on research to improve methods of cancer drug delivery and its treatment in general.


Elena Rosca

Bioengineering '08

I am really passionate about Biomimicry, Bioengineering and Synthetic Biology. I aspire to establish a Biotech company with my alumni students to develop organisms that can be used to solve local problems.