The 2022 AshesiGhana team harnessed the power of teamwork and collaborations for a successful project. The team would like to express its sincere gratitude to everyone who played a role one way or the other leading to a successful project.


All ten team members played exceptional roles as displayed in this matrix, and were awarded gold stars for their remarkable efforts.


1. Dr Elena Rosca Our sincere gratitude goes to our Principal Investigator for her guidance, the training, the assistance and the advice that helped the team to be able to make this project a success. She took us through lessons on Synthetic Biology since most of us did not have knowledge in biological studies before the start of the competition season and was fully involved through every stage. We appreciate your love Dr Elena Rosca.

2. David Sasu, Christopher Anamalia, Elmir Mohammed, and Evans Kumi. We are grateful to these gentlemen for being supportive with wiki-related tasks and giving their best.


Our sincere gratitude to the 2022 iGEM teams of StonyBrook and Exeter for helping us wth the modelling aspect of our project. It was honor collaborating with you!


We are grateful to these educational and cooperate organisations for their support, investments, and commitment to the team and the project. Ayekoo!