Part Collection


Our collection includes 14 peptides known for their ability to adhere to polypropylene, polyethylene, a linker, and a GFP sequence. We decided to use these peptides (seven binding to the PE and seven binding to the PP), thus showing their adherence ability. In order to visualize and quantify their ability to adhere, we decided to link them to GFP. During our project, we were able to demonstrate that the adhesion capacity, as well as their specificity of adhesion to a certain type of plastic, varies according to the parts. In general, we have had better results with the PE-binding peptides, whether for bonding or for adhesion specificity. In particular, the PE4 (BBa_K4189004) peptide has the highest adhesion with PE plastic and binds strongly and specifically to this type of plastic. It's our best basic part since we have an adherence five times greater than the other plastic. The range of our parts numbers goes from BBa_K4189000 to BBa_K4189015.

The patents in which we found the different peptides were the ones as follows :
Name Type Description Designers Length
BBa_K4189000 coding peptide linker Fanny Bonil 24 pb
BBa_K4189001 coding peptide PE1 Fanny Bonil 37 pb
BBa_K4189002 coding peptide PE2 Fanny Bonil 36 pb
BBa_K4189003 coding peptide PE3 Fanny Bonil 36 pb
BBa_K4189004 coding peptide PE4 Fanny Bonil 36 pb
BBa_K4189005 coding peptide PE5 Fanny Bonil 33 pb
BBa_K4189006 coding peptide PE6 Fanny Bonil 33 pb
BBa_K4189007 coding peptide PE7 Fanny Bonil 35 pb
BBa_K4189008 coding peptide PP1 Fanny Bonil 36 pb
BBa_K4189009 coding peptide PP2 Fanny Bonil 36 pb
BBa_K4189010 coding peptide PP3 Fanny Bonil 21 pb
BBa_K4189011 coding peptide PP4 Fanny Bonil 36 pb
BBa_K4189012 coding peptide PP5 Fanny Bonil 36 pb
BBa_K4189013 coding peptide PP6 Fanny Bonil 36 pb
BBa_K4189014 coding peptide PP7 Fanny Bonil 35 pb
BBa_K4189015 coding GFP Fanny Bonil 711 pb