1. Rohinton T Kamakaka:
    • Provided us with S. cerevisiae yeast starter cultures and plasmid backbones for transfection of our DNA construct into E. coli
    • Advised us on utilization of the MoClo library, and proper safety and handling of yeast in lab
    • Supported our wet lab in the homologous repair of S. cerevisiae to contain Ex-4

  2. Rebecca DuBois:
    • Provided us with TEV protease expressing E. coli, Histidine Antibodies, and other lab materials
    • Had extensive correspondence and advised us in preparation and troubleshooting for protein expression, purification, and SDS-PAGE results
    • Helped us prepare assays for bio-layer interferometry using her lab's Octet machine for Ex-4's binding affinity analysis

  3. Samuel Pine:
    • Mentored our team from Belgium and advised us on the overall direction of our project including next steps in the wet lab and Ex-4 bioavailability via bi-weekly virtual meetings
    • Provided valuable feedback on Helo's implementation and connecting our vision to a marketable product
    • Guided us to discussions with experts at Sanofi specifically in relation to half life extenders and fundraising

  4. Suz Howells:
    • Facilitated interactions with UC Santa Cruz alumni at Midtown Takeover event and engaged in collaboration efforts to shared our project to the community
    • Guided us through The Spring Give, a fundraising event that allowed us to raise money to carry out our project
    • Provided us with ample contacts to speak to professionals such as endocrinologists and global health specialists
    • Provided us a connection with Melissa Weckerle, Communications Specialist at UC Santa Cruz, who interviewed members of our team and wrote an article about the work we have been doing. This allowed for a platform in which the community could see our project and reach out to our team
    • Helped us get a room in which we could host Soquel High School students and helped organize logistics for permission slips

  5. We would additionally like to acknowledge the following individuals for their contributions to Helo:

    Dr. Patricia Wu (Kaiser Permanente) for their explanation of medical consensus on current diabetes treatment, Dr. John Demko (University of California, San Francisco) and Dr. Sunder Mudaliar (University of California, San Diego) for giving us background on GLP-1 RA therapeutics, Dr. Matt Sparke (University of California, Santa Cruz) for building our background about global health and communities lacking diabetes care, Dr. Somen Nandi (University of California, Davis) for advice on Agrobacterium-mediated gene transfer and transgenic plants, Dr. Lawrence DeGhetaldi (Palo Alto Medical Foundation) for insight on the feasibility of Helo being adopted into patient care, Jessica Bulleri (Diabetes Prevention Program, Santa Cruz) for sharing general background on pre-diabetes, Ted Malpass (University of California, Santa Cruz) for connecting us with Universities Allied for Essential Medicine to enhance the scope of our outreach, Dr. David Ghilarducci (Deputy Health Officer and EMS Medical Director, Santa Cruz) for presenting to us about the pathology of diabetes and common treatment mechanisms, Dr. Sebastian Bernales (Co-Founder and Board Member at Metagenomi) for advising and proposing questions about the implementation of Helo, Alexander Wolf (Dean of Baskin Engineering) and Paul L Koch (Dean of Physical & Biological Sciences Division) for helping fund Helo.