Cancer is a dreaded scourge for society. Each and every one of us has had at least one person in our inner circle diagnosed with cancer.

Glioblastoma, while a rare cancer, is the most common brain tumour. It has the lowest survival rate among all types of cancer and only 1 out of 20 patients survive 5 years after the diagnosis.

Significant efforts have been made toward cancer therapy, however, research remains stationary. The fact that statistics and prognosis are continuously worsening, makes the situation dire. Consequently, exploring new therapeutic approaches is crucial.

Our Solution

Molecular Mechanism

Our project, "Theriac", is a molecular theranostic tool that aims to specifically detect and kill GBM cells. Theriac consists of two types of DNA molecules. These molecules remain inactive in absence of cancer, but, when cancer cells are detected, they are activated and release two therapeutic molecules.


This molecular machinery will be uploaded to a nanocarrier so it can easily reach all brain areas. The brain is protected by a wall called the "blood brain barrier". To avoid this wall, Theriac will be administered through the nose.


When released in cancer cells, Theriac will act therapeutically in two distinct ways. Consequently, it will stop cancer proliferation and cause tumour suppression with minimum or even none side effects. It will also enable better and real-time MRI monitoring of the patients, through our approach employing artificial intelligence methods.