Parts added to the Registry

During our project, we generated multiple basic and composite parts, and characterized and improved some existing parts. We created Cytolysin A (Y171F) (BBa_K4359001) an attenuated version of Cytolysin A for future teams to safely work with. We added to the characterization of the myc tag (BBa_K823036), and demonstrated that anti myc antibodies cross react with endogenous c-myc present in many mammalian cell lines, making it incompatible for use with such systems.

Table for Basic Parts

Name Type Description Length
BBa_K4359000 Coding Protein E.coli K-12 Cytolysin A (ClyA) 1008 bp
BBa_K4359001 Coding Protein E.coli K-12 Cytolysin A (ClyA) (Y181F) 930 bp
BBa_K4359002 Coding Protein Anti-HER2 Affibody-ZHER2:342 177 bp
BBa_K4359003 Coding Protein (SSSSG) x2 serine glycine linker 30 bp
BBa_K4359004 Coding Protein Tumour homing peptide THP Pep-1 against SKBR3 30 bp
BBa_K4359007 Epitope Tag V5 tag 42 bp

Table for Composite Parts

Name Description Length
BBa_K4359006 ClyA-Myc-Affi 1245 bp
BBa_K4359008 ClyA-V5-Affi 1281 bp
BBa_K4359009 ClyA-3XFLAG-THP 1134 bp