"Half of the team has been infected with dengue before.
This problem is personal to us, and we are determined to fix it!"

Dengue fever is the most widely spread mosquito-borne viral disease. It is commonly found in tropical countries like India, but has expanded its reach to over 120 countries. Despite its ill effects, there is no cure for this disease yet.
Dengue cases have been increasing in India every year. Dengue also caused the “hidden epidemic” in India during 2020, when healthcare resources were diverted towards COVID-19, leading to a drop in testing and reported cases.

We have attempted to ensure that our engineered monoclonal antibodies check all the boxes of an ideal therapeutic.
We have worked persistently to maximise the impact of our project. After over 40 discussions with stakeholders, cutting-edge drug modeling and wet lab work, we are proud to introduce you to AbDEN.