We are the 2022 Boston University iGEM team: a group of interdisciplinary engineering students studying the intersection between Biology, Engineering and Automation.

Alex Barutis
Biomedical Engineer

Aya Kassem
Computer Engineer

Julia Nowak
Biomedical Engineer

Stephen Sweet
Biomedical/Computer Engineer

Zakir Kadwa
Mechanical Engineer


This year's iGEM team was assisted by two graduate student mentors, whose ideas fueled the advancement of this project.

Diana Arguijo
Biomedical Engineer

Yixiao Jiang


The director of BU's Synthetic Biology research program was integral as our coordinator.

Hailey Lenn Gordon
Executive Director
STEM Pathways
Boston Univeristy

Principle Investigator

A pioneer of Synthetic Biology, BU's own Professor Douglas Densmore was an essential leader in organizing the team.

Dr. Douglas Densmore
Professor of ECE/BME Boston University