The collaboration criterion was one of the most enjoyable for many of us. iGem collaborations highlight the synergistic, and not antagonistic, spirit that characterises the competition. We found ourselves amazed at how seemingly difficult problems can have surprisingly simple solutions when consulting fellow iGEMmers which shared with us their unique point of view and vice versa. After all, “together we stand, divided we fall”. Collaborations enabled us to take a peep at the wonderful work of the iGEM teams we collaborated with, learn from their achievements and wrongdoings and get familiar with their tactics and methods. All of these would not have been possible to that great extent, without each team triggering and being triggered by the others, by virtue of the Collaboration criterion. The whole experience was an amazing journey in which we learned a lot, and had so much fun!
We couldn't wait to exchange ideas, opinions and maybe form friendships with people our age from every corner of the earth. Here is a map showing the countries where iGEMTeams, we had the pleasure of working with, are located!

Colouring Book with iGEM USAFA

iGEM USAFA took the initiative to make a beautiful colouring book in order to make the concept of each project more accessible to young children by distributing the book to schools. The idea intrigued us and so we decided to participate, sending a drawing that describes our project and a short description of our project like a fairytale, so that it can be understood by little kids.

Puzzle Book iGEM MSP Maastricht

iGEM MSP Maastricht reached out to us about a very interesting idea they had in order to make the significance of projects clearer to people from various social groups. We were thus very happy that we contributed to the creation of a puzzle book that included a well-liked overview of our initiative and ten words that are particularly meaningful to each member of our team.

Poster with iGEM Stockholm, iGEM Vilnius-Lithuania, iGEM Tuebingen, iGEM Bulgaria, iGEM Turky-Finland, iGEM UCopenhagen

We planned a visit to a high school to forward our goals of making our work understandable to both young and elderly. So, we presented our project to the kids and their instructors. Moreover, we aimed to convey to them the spirit of the competition and the encouragement of inter-team collaboration.

As a result, we contacted various other fellow teams and worked together  in order to produce a poster on which each group translated the quote: “The important thing is to never stop questioning (or learning)” credited to Albert Einstein in their respective language. This collaboration was really exciting for all of us and we couldn't wait to share the outcome with the children!

We built a wonderful relationship with iGEM UCopenhagen via the poster's design. That's why we were really thrilled when they asked us to work together on another, equally lovely project.

Video Collab with iGEM UCopenhagen

We also took a break to visit the sea and participate in the Netlantis UCPH team's amazing promotion video! One member of our team took a video as they stood in front of that particular water body and said the emotion that emerges from it. So, the word that we chose is serenity, or as we said it in our native language: ‘’γαλήνη’’!

We additionally took part in a challenge they organized on social media, where we submitted our preferences for various aspects in the wet lab area.

Safety Collage with iGEM Thessaly, iGEM Patras, iGEM Athens

On the occasion of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we decided to organise a collaboration to promote the message that no condition should violate people's rights to safe work: a concept that is often undervalued and should concern the research field more. Therefore, we decided that a safety collage would be a simple and entertaining approach to spread this message. Hence, we got in touch with the safety manager of each team in order to provide us with some information about why maintaining safety in the lab space is so crucial. Consequently, a fantastic collage and an even better message resulted from this lovely teamwork.

A beautiful collaboration with iGEM PatrasMed: ‘’Would our project be helpful to the achievement of the 17 Sustainability Goals?’’

As a team we placed a lot of emphasis on the 17 Sustainability Goals. We wanted to contribute in order for the global community to come closer to their achievement. Consequently, we were thrilled when iGEM Patras Med contacted us about working together to create a stunning collaboration in which we would outline exactly how our project promotes these goals.

Survey for iGEM Patras

We collaborated with iGEM Patras by sharing feedback towards their project. We answered a survey regarding precision agriculture, so that they can have enough data to work with. They used the data to be able to direct their approach as for communicating their project to the general public and to implement their project in the best possible way.


An article about synthetic biology with iGEM of UNSW

We sent an article of 300 words to iGEM of UNSW to assist with their education and communication efforts. The Article was about the importance of the applications of synthetic biology and how they can benefit us all by reducing malnutrition in developing countries. Moreover, the article was translated in Greek, as an effort to make it accessible to people from different regions as well. 

World Environment Day with iGEM IISER Tirupati India

The World Environment Day inspired us to invite iGEM teams to help us honor its importance! Our goal was to raise awareness about the environmental importance of buying locally, since it reduces the miles travelled by products, the so called “food miles'', and consequently the pollution created by transportation. So we asked for pictures of local shops and shared them creating a relevant Instagram post of a coffee shop that a member of our team owns, and of a food shop from team iGEM IISER Tirupati, that replied to our calling.

World Environment Day with iGEM Vilnius-Lithuania

We were really excited to honour this day with another exciting collaboration! iGEM Vilnius-Lithuania organised a collaboration, in which we participated by sending them pictures for a collage that they made in honor for this day. They asked us to send them a group photo by a forest, river or sea and so we did. We sent a photo of us by the Aegean Sea, a few meters away from where one of the most famous Greek authors, the late Nikos Kazantzakis, is lying.

Pre Aegean Meeting with iGEM Athens, iGEM Thessaloniki, iGEM Meta Thess, iGEM Thessaly, iGEM Ioannina, Patras Medicine, Up hellas

iGEM Patras took the wonderful initiative of setting up an online meet up for the Greek teams to get to know one another in advance of the next Aegean Meeting. After seizing the chance to communicate our projects, we enjoyed countless activities that allowed us to get to know each other even better. Then, we had meaningful conversations regarding the significance of synthetic biology and finally we attended speeches by professors that marked the end of the meeting in a very interesting way!

Aegean meeting with the Greek iGEM Teams

After all that we were looking forward to the Aegean meeting that took place in Patra. It was a huge collective gathering of all Greek iGEM teams organised by iGEM Patras. Every team presented their project and then we communicated and exchanged info, tips and feedback. Several workshops were held in which (post) doctoral students educated and updated us according to the iGEM competition, how to properly lead an iGEM team and to acquire medals. Patras P.I. Mr Patrinos gave a captivating speech which inspired us to continue working hard in the competition. The gathering was followed by a party in which we had the chance to get to know each other better, bond and form, hopefully, life long friendships with all the amazing people we met.

National DNA day with iGEM Patras

iGEM Patras Med decided to organise a collaboration in consideration of National DNA Day on April 25th. Each participating team had to send a photo of one of its members holding a paper with one of the G–C–A–T letters written on it, which represent the four nucleobases in the nucleic acid of DNA. The goal was to celebrate the completion of the human genome project and the discovery of the double helix by creating a double helix ourselves! 

28th Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students (SCHMS) - 16th International Forum for Medical Students and Junior Doctors

Our team took the initiative to contact the members of the Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students (SCHMS) in order to participate in this year's Congress, this time in a session dedicated to the Greek iGEM teams. On the 14th of May 2022 our team, along with other Greek iGEM teams, interacted with one another and presented ourselves in the 28th Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students (SCHMS) and the 16th International Forum for Medical Students and Junior Doctors, in Athens. During our presentation we referred to both the iGEM Competition, as well as the ways our projects impact our society. Our aim was to reveal our work to the public and acknowledge the applications and implementations of synthetic biology into the future therapeutics. Overall, it gave us the opportunity to attend the rest of the congress, partake in numerous incredible speeches and keep up with the challenges of public health, while the foundation for more great collaborations among the Greek teams were set.